PHPTPOINT offersAndroid development unlike conventional programming languages like Java or C++ takes a comprehensive approach while creating a new Android app. It doesn't have stipulated guidelines, APIs or rules.  

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The job demands ulterior level skillset in programming which can be acquired under the teachings of a learned Android pundit, and that too in a robust Android training institute like PHPTPOINT.


An Android software development kit enables developers to type codes in languages like Kotlin, Java, and C++ to make Android apps. Although it is beyond the scope of this article to explain in vivacity about the protocol of Android app development, yet PHP T POINT shall provide insights into how it is done.

The compilation is ultimately exported to an APK format which is an executable file just like .exe files. The above piece of information may make app development sound easy, but only experienced developers can impart Android training which can match the updated requirements. PHP T POINT stands among the best Android training institutesin Noida garners top-notch Android training courses for all.


Apps and APK files : Apps are Android applications that serve different lifestyle and computational purposes. The applications are assimilated in an APK file (Android application package). The APK file contains the compilation of Java code coupled with texts and images that form an executable application. 

Android Activities : The Graphical User Interface component of an Android platform forms the Android 'activity'. Like there is a window on a desktop; similarly, there is an 'activity' on Android that corresponds to its functionality. But contrary to the desktop activities that can be run side by side on a PC, an Android activity takes up the whole screen and hence allows a single app function at once.

Android fragment : A fragment in Android is a part of 'activities.' They only take parts of the screen and can be reused within different activities. Further, fragments consist of Views and ViewGroups.

Views and ViewGroups : As discussed earlier, an Android GUI element assimilates three components: Activities, Views, and ViewGroups. Views and ViewGroups are housed inside a fragment which is placed inside an 'activity.' Views are the unique GUI elements, like a video screen that showcases videos, or a text panel that displays a text whereas ViewGroups acts as containers for Views and assembles a set of Views under one umbrella.

Layout XML Files : XML Files are used by Activities, fragments and some ViewGroups to render their designs and content. The XML files that cater to the design or the layout specify as to what GUI components an activity or a fragment contains. It also renders the styling of GUI components (size, margins, etc.)

Intents : 'Android Intents' are small objects that are passed to the Android Operating System by the activities to stipulate as to what other action or activity is required by the on-going function in an executable app.

Android Widgets : The GUI components that are showcased outside of 'activity' are termed as 'widgets' on the Android platform. Widgets are packaged in an Android database as a readymade part. For instance, the weather or the clock widgets on an Android’s home screen represent widget packages.

Android services : Android services are those processes which eternally run in the background and enable the functionality of simple GUI processes or applications. These processes are also executable programs and keep on running even if no application is visible. A user interface is not required for these services as they run in the background and automatically handles many a significant Android function. For example, processor functions, backup, update cycle, etc.

Sensors : Sensors are inbuilt components that assimilate hardware and software bundles to provide specific functions — for example, GPS, proximity sensor, brightness control, etc.

Who should enroll in Android training?

Anyone who feels compelled by the notion of technological development can enroll in one of the best Android training courses in Noida for an excellent career flight and good remuneration packages. It is not necessary for an aspiring developer to be proficient in programming.

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